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Ayperi’s story

Ayperi’s story

Ayperi’s story

We met Ayperi, when she was in the orphanage, calm and kind girl. As we talked to her, she told us her own story. She had a huge family with mother and 6 children (5 daughters and 1 son). Family was disrupted, when her mother got to prison. Since that time, she has never seen her, people told, that she died. Her father is in abroad, but Ayperi does not know him.

At the age of 8, she was sent to an orphanage. After leaving the institution, she entered to professional school. In the future, she wants to be a fashion designer. She went through some difficulties, but she is still positive and open-hearted.

Unfortunately, while she was in the orphanage, Ayperi has lost contact with little sister. “My wish is to bring together all my sisters”.

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