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Based on experience of working with care leavers, Oasis conducted various researches.

  • In 2014- 2015 Oasis led a project in partnership with local NGO ‘Our Voice’ to research the rights and needs of Care Leavers in the Kyrgyz Republic.

As a part of the research, 350 care leavers were interviewed, along with 50 experts, and a report was then published and presented in Bishkek in February 2015.  Among other things, it highlighted the lack of legislation to protect care leavers, the issues that care leavers face, and the negative impact that residential institutions can have on the social development of young people. Recommendations were then made to the government, to NGOs and to the directors of residential institutions.

  • In April 2016 we completed an analysis of existing legislation to understand the authority and responsibility of each ministry in relation to care leavers and determine their legal status, more than 20 legal documents were analyzed (Laws, Legal acts, country strategies).

Анализ Правовой статус(rus) download

Анализ Правовой статус(kyr) download

  • In May 2016 was done a Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis to assess the costs and benefits to the government of providing better support for care leavers against the costs and benefits of not improving support. In particular, research pointed out the lack of information / availability of information and recommended that further analysis should be done using primary research methods.

Анализ выгод и затрат (rus) download

Анализ выгод и затрат (kyr) download

Research Human Trafficking in the Kyrgyz Republic (eng) download