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Rustam’s story

Rustam’s story

Rustam’s story

Rustam is a graduate of an orphanage in Kyrgyz Republic. Oasis met him on the streets, when he was 8 years old. During the state policy, all street children were sent to orphanages, so did Rustam. He was 10, when entered to an orphanage for boys in trouble with the law. When he left, he lived in Oasis transit house with social workers and 5 other boys, becoming one family. He learned to do elementary house job, communicate with people, learned to live well and not depend on others. During that time, he studied in a professional school, finished school, restored the documents.

Like every care leaver, he faced tons of difficulties, had time of ups and downs, often moved from one place to another, ran away, etc. After leaving the transit house, Rustam decided to follow the footsteps of social workers and entered the university to become like them.

According to statistics, only 1% of graduates of orphanages enter the university in Kyrgyz Republic. For Rustam, every day – fight of temptation, live right or live easily. He overcame many obstacles to continue studies and not give up.

And his personal victory is working in the organization that has been with him about 10 years. He is a social worker and helps other graduates of orphanages. “I want to help people, as you helped me.”

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