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What we do

Each year about 450 young people leave residential care in the Kyrgyz Republic. Many migrate to towns and cities to find work where they find themselves economically disempowered, unable to participate in democratic processes or contribute to society, and are vulnerable to involvement in crime, recruitment by extremist groups, to prostitution and being trafficked.

Oasis’ theory of change is to:

  • Support young people as they prepare for and make the journey of transition from living in an institution to living independently.
  • Provide information to care leavers and support staff (such as orphanage directors and social workers) about rights and benefits available and how to access these, opportunities for work and study, legislation that relates to care leavers, and documentation required (for employment, schooling etc.) and how to compile this.
  • Improve legislation that will improve the support that the government is able to provide for care leavers.
  • Prevent young people from being brought up in orphanages by developing work in communities that have families that are the are most vulnerable to putting them in orphanages

This theory of change is currently being implemented through:

  • The Care Leavers Transition Program, which prepare young people and supports them through their transition; this includes orphanage visits, support through case-work, providing sport trainings on the permanent basis. This program also includes Sport program, human rights summer camps.
  • Food Bank: non-profit initiative that receives food products donated by the food industry and other businesses, community groups and individuals, sorts and stores them, and then distributes the goods to the Care Leavers while they complete their study (1-2 years). A key element of the foodbank approach is that it is a community response towards its vulnerable members.
  • Billim Belek is a crowdfunding platform to provide practical support to young people leaving orphanages and institutions to continue their education and improve their qualifications and support to raise the funds necessary to cover the costs of education bilimbelek.kg.
  • Human Rights Program includes Legal camps for care leavers and trainings on prevention human trafficking and labor slavery and The Care Leavers Advocacy Project, which works with government ministries and departments to improve legislation to enable better support of care leavers.
  • Sport for life is a program of physical trainings, where children bring up love to healthy lifestyle
  • Researches, based on Oasis’ experience, we conducted a few researches about situation of care leavers in the Kyrgyz Republic, the rights and needs.
  • Anti trafficking:  building on expertise gained by Oasis in other parts of the world, the team taught many school groups and other young people in Bishkek about the dangers of human trafficking and how to avoid it.