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Who we are

Oasis was registered in the Kyrgyz Republic as a local non-governmental organization in 2008.  We are a part of the Oasis Global Family, and seek to develop contextually appropriate responses to the needs we encounter, working in line with Oasis’ globally agreed ethos and values.

In Kyrgyzstan we are based in the capital, Bishkek, and our work is focused on young people who have been brought up in institutions and vulnerable women in marginalized communities. We want to see them make a good transition to living independently, so that they are able to contribute to society and are economically empowered. We are committed to people and communities regardless of their faith or beliefs.

Our mission is improving lives through integration, opportunity and community transformation.

By 2003 many children were living and begging on the streets of Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, and volunteers, moved at their plight, started to spend time with them. Over a number of months, this led to the formation of an organisation, ‘Fountains of Hope’ and the development of a drop in center for street children.

At this time, both the government and a number of NGOs were running orphanages and children’s centers in Bishkek. Homeless children would be taken to these centers, but some, even children as young as seven and eight, would keep returning to the streets. The team agreed that they would concentrate on working with these children, and over time built relationships with many of the tougher and more vulnerable children and young people.

By 2008, the situation for street children in Bishkek had changed significantly; new laws meant that children were unable to live on the streets, and there was no longer the need for the drop in center and the work of Fountains of Hope seemed to be finished.

Nevertheless, some of the team maintained contact with children that they knew, many of whom ended up in detention or living at the Belovodskoe Special School for Boys, a ‘closed’ institution for boys just outside Bishkek. Consequently, when Oasis was started by some of the staff from ‘Children of Hope’, these places became the initial focus for activities.